Christmas Presents for Dads

Getting a gift for your father or for your father-in-law can be hard work especially because he already seems to have everything he could ever want or need. But like anyone there is always something that will tickle his fancy. The clichés you hear about men are generally true. They like their big toys and they like their beer and don’t mind a good game of golf. So here are some of the best gift ideas that you can get for your Dad this Christmas.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we thought we’d give some last minute gift ideas for those of you who have yet to hit the shops.


The easiest gift idea is a voucher at your Dad’s favourite store. If you don’t know what that store is then I suggest getting a voucher from a place like Bunnings (aka men’s heaven) or Myer or David Jones.

If you want to give a bit more of a thoughtful gift but are strapped for money then how about offering up some labour. Maybe your Dad needs some work done around the house, like cleaning gutters or doing some gardening. You could also offer to help him out with his car for a day.

The Top Ten MP3 Players to Gift

The MP3 player has become the classic gift to get for just about anybody. MP3′s make a fantastic gift for the music lover or if you add a personalized playlist it can also be a cute gift for your crush or loved ones as well.  So what are the best MP3 players to get? Keep on reading to find out.

1. The Apple iPod Touch

Okay so this may seem obvious, but the iPod Touch really is the best mp3 player around. Not only does it hold a whole tonne of music but you can watch videos on it and its fun and easy to use as well. If you want to get the best just get this one.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Husband

Ah the hardest gift of the year… trying to find that perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend or husband. It’s not that hard really though. Men are generally pretty obvious creatures and they all like similar things some of which are fancy toys, a good drink, ladies and adventure or just something they can show off to their friends. So if you can get something that combines all of these then you are onto a winner. If you need a little help here are some of the top gift ideas that he’ll want stuffed in his Christmas stocking this year.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend/Wife

Ok so it is still a few months until Christmas time but over the next few weeks I will start making lists of some beautiful gifts that you can get for each one of your loved ones so that you can get Christmas shopping as soon as you can.

To start with is the Christmas gift for your wives and girlfriends. Normally the gift you get for your significant other is the most important gift that you will buy so you want to make it special. You should also either get one big gift or a few smaller gifts. I think at Christmas time its fun to get a few gifts because its the time of year where it feels good to be generous.

Ideas for 30th Birthday Gift

A person’s 30th Birthday can be a very significant milestone in their life and they will normally face this new decade in one of two ways – either they will embrace this time as a chance to fully take on the role of being a mature adult; or they may be fearful of leaving their 20′s and try to show people that they are still as youthful as ever. Whichever way one reacts to this time however, the best gift to give for a 30th birthday is one that makes them feel good about themselves. For women great gifts are those that will make her feel as beautiful as she ever was such as clothes and jewelry or body pampering products. For men they are probably a little bit less worried about appearances and more concerned with staying fit at this age so an adrenalin fuelled experience gift would be great or possibly something hobby related.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Getting a gift for your groomsmen or even your ushers and best man is an important gesture to show that you appreciate their involvement in your big day. But what do you get them? Traditionally items such as cufflinks, zippo lighters and wristwatches are given however most standard male present ideas will make a great gift. It is also common for gifts to be given that can be used for the wedding in some way. For example you might want to buy new shoes or a dress belt for the ceremony; or maybe grooming products or items that can be used for travelling. It is a popular idea to get gifts engraved to give them a bit of a personal touch as well.

Baby Shower Gifts

Buying gifts for babies is heaps of fun and easy too. A new mother and father will need a lot of new things when a new baby is on the way. There are no rules really when it comes to getting a gift. As long as it’s baby related it will be fine. The only thing to be wary of is whether or not you know the gender of the baby. If you know that a little girl is coming then opt for pink themed items, and likewise choose blue for boys. If you are uncertain about the gender of the baby then pick items that are white or yellow or any color that is gender ambiguous.

How To Always Know What to Gift

This may sound silly be the easiest way to always get somebody a gift that they want is to be organized and pay attention. Everybody should keep a list of the people that they regularly buy for, such as your partner, close family and friends. Whenever you get an idea or they tell you something that they want write it down. It’s that simple and then come months down the track when you need to buy a gift just check what you’ve written on your list and voila. You’ll also score extra points because your family and friends will think that you’ve remembered their favorite things and really paid attention to them.

Gifts for Teen Girls

Teenage girls can be hard to buy for, especially since they all grow up at different rates. You don’t want to get them anything that is too adult and yet you don’t want to get them anything too childish either. Lucky for you though I know just what teenage girls like and want right now.

The number one thing on every teenage girl’s want list is everything Twilight. Whilst it would be preferred that you give them Robert Pattinson in gift rap, they would settle for the DVDs, books, merchandise. You could also get them a movie gift voucher so they can be the first in line to catch the next movie from the Twilight series.

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