Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is of course coming up just around the corner so in the next few days I’m going to show you some great gifts to buy (because believe it or not there is a lot more to Easter than just eating chocolate)!

So to start let’s get the house ready for the festive weekend coming up with this beautiful and fun Easter Egg wreath that would make a great present for yourself or for that special someone :)

Gifts for Cool Geeks

Geeks are the new quarterbacks and so now when we buy them presents we want to impress them with our geeky prowess.

But if when you are not a geek yourself it can be hard to know what to get them (for instance a book of sudoku puzzles probably won’t impress the modern geek)!

So if you want to impress that geek friend of yours or maybe just want some cool new geek presents for yourself then here are some geek chic ideas for you…

Every geek likes to look cool so a great geek gift idea believe it or not is clothes, especially tshirts.

Great Anniversary Gifts for Men

If you have racked your brain for an anniversary gift, then take the time to look at these ideas when shopping for the man you love.  You are sure to find that there are great gifts that will make him fall in love with you all over again.

First of all, you may want to go with something cute and sweet that has a lot of meaning.  If this is what you are looking for, then why not get him a couple’s pillowcase set such as this one:

Halloween Gifts

Well since its now the start of October, you’ve probably started to plan what you want to get for the scariest night of the year. While kids love this time of year for the candy and the fun games, Halloween can also be an absolute blast for adults too. So if you’re wondering what to get for Halloween this year to impress all your friends look no further than right here. Happy Trick and Treating!

For the kids: Get them an assortment of candies and treats with this gift basket full of spooky delights.

What to gift right now: The Lost Symbol

In case you haven’t heard the latest book by Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, is out and is sure to be on everyone’s gift wishlist. This book is the sequel to Dan Brown’s other bestsellers The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and if it is even half as good then it is sure to be brilliant. So get out and get this for someone now.

Office Christmas Gifts

Whether you are after gifts for your clients, bosses, staff or maybe even your co-workers here are the top office gift ideas for you this Christmas. These gifts have been hand-picked by TellMeAGift for their quality, I-Want-It-Now Factor and also whether or not they can be enjoyed by anyone so that there is no doubt they will be loved. Simply click on the gift for more information and if you’re after more ideas check out our other posts on Staff Gift Ideas or Gifts for Business Executives.

1. A Quirky Paperweight for Office Workers

Christmas Gifts for Mom

Your Mom has probably been spoiling you all year round and at Christmas time it is your turn to spoil her and give her a little gift to make her feel special. When getting your Mother a gift think about what she is interested in and what she likes doing. Some gifts that never fail are those that involve pampering or new pieces of jewelry. Gift of the month clubs are also a great idea or a subscription to her favorite magazine. But if you aren’t quite sure of exactly what to get her then here are TellMeAGift’s top choices of Christmas presents for your Mom this year.

Gifts for Lady Gaga Fans

Now I’m sure you all know a Lady Gaga fan or maybe you are one yourself. If so then then there are a whole heap of cool gift ideas that any fan will surely love, ranging from her outrageous fashion sense to her groovy tunes. Also keep a lookout for her new Heartbeats Fashion Earphones which will be sure to hit stores soon. Until then below are some awesome gift ideas that not only a Lady Gaga fan would love but any other fashion forward gal too.


1. Lady Gaga Inspired Sunglasses

Say Sorry Gifts

Sometimes it’s nice to give a gift just to say sorry. Here are some gift ideas for those times when you need a little forgiveness to come your way and to put a little smile on someone’s face.


There is nothing like some pretty flowers to make saying sorry a little easier. These Vera Wang flowers pictured below will be sure to put you in the good books again.

Something sweet

If you want some Brownie Points then how about some brownies. Or anything sweet will do the trick really, nothing says sorry like a big piece of cake or a big block of chocolate.

Pagan Gifts

So I’ve already written a post on Pagan Wedding Gifts but have had many questions sent in asking about Pagan gifts for other occasions. Being a Pagan like with any other religion there will be plenty of things that can be given as gifts. There are some gift ideas you may want to avoid however such as items that may not be seen as being made or produced ethically. Also gadget gifts may not be as popular as gifts that are more natural or earthy.  But to help you make up your mind here are the best and most popular gift ideas that a Pagan (or just about anybody) would love to receive.

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