40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Life begins at forty, or so the saying goes…

While most men cease to observe their birthdays long after they’ve turned thirty, hitting the big 4-0 is a marker of how far a man has come in his life. This deserves some commendation, a time for a man to sit back and reflect on the fact that while he’ may not be a young stud any more, he’s no old man either, but a mature adult in his prime. So what better way to celebrate than by giving him something special to commemorate this meaningful and poignant event? Here are some 40th birthday gift ideas for men:

Is this 40 year old the outdoorsy type? How about giving him grilling tools? There are wonderful cuisine sets, cooking tools, pans and other grilling accessories that will excite the man who loves a good backyard barbecue. These tools come either as three-piece sets or in kits; they are usually made of stainless steel with wood or rubber handles. Grilling tools are convenient and useful, which is great as a lot of men love receiving utilitarian things. One popular example is the Mr. BBQ 18-Piece Tool set with Case


But what about men who lean more towards intellectual stuff like history and politics, I hear you ask? Historical documentaries, political videos and movies on war and the world are just the thing to make the man turning forty relax and revel in his interests. There are many items in this category, from George Washington’s life story to Discovery Channel DVDs, and people can buy videos that are specifically suited for the man they’re giving it to. Click on this link to find some great political and historical books and DVDs at amazon.com.

Or perhaps the man in question is the busy guy, whose schedule is always jam-packed? Massagers are bound to delight these fellas, as they offer them the opportunity to chill out and relax, even for just a little while. Back massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, heated massage chairs and handheld massagers are available in a range of designs and prices for the man who is in desperate need of some comfort. You might like to try the Back Revitalizer with Heat available at amazon.com.

A lot of men also love their drinks. Why not give him something beautiful to use for for when he goes to have that after-work scotch? There are crystal whisky tumblers, bottle openers, goblets, cocktail shakers, starter kits and many more bar accessories that will make mixing and sipping drinks more fun for men. Not only do these make fabulous-looking gifts, they can be engraved and personalized for the birthday man. Click here to check out a range of bar accessories at amazon.com.

If the man who’s turning forty is fond of gadgets and gets a thrill out of technology then a great gift for him could be something along the lines of automotive accessories like GPS and digital tire gauges, or media stuff like iPods and video cameras. Men who find it hard to resist anything modern will get a kick out of receiving these toys and will enjoy playing with them very much. If you’re looking for a video camera in particular, a popular one is the Flip UltraHD Video Camera

Different men want and need different things. But don’t worry because there’s a great gift idea out there for each and every man. Anyone looking to make a guy’s next 40 years begin with a bang, by giving him something great, is sure to find it with these 40th birthday gift ideas for men.

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