Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

It’s less than a month until Santa comes to deliver all his gifts, but if you haven’t done your shopping yet (like us) then don’t stress because there are still plenty of shopping days left, and worse case scenario you can go for a mad dash for presents on Xmas Eve (not that we would recommend that).

The first of our presents to buy this year is the work “Kris Kringle” gift, or “Secret Santa” depending on where you’re from.

Kris Kringle don’t need to be anything fancy, just a little gesture to show you care. Normally you don’t want to spend more than $10-$20. So what can you possibly buy when you don’t have much to spend?

If your Kris Kringle is for a female than it’s easy – simply go for jewellery, body pampering products (ie Bodyshop), or some kind of cute fashion accessory. To help you decide think about the jewellery and accessories you normally see this person in and base you decision on that.

If  you don’t think you’re Kris Kringle is much of a girly girl then other options that always work a treat are books, alcohol or DVDs.

For the guys it is best to keep it simple. Alcohol, books and DVDs will also work and they will also appreciate gift certificates. Consider a gift certificate for the movies, an iTunes voucher or an electronics store.

At the end of the day if you know a little bit about the person you can base your gift on this, but if you don’t know them that well than the above Kris Kringle gift ideas will work a treat.

Good luck shopping and if you need any advice for your Kris Kringle gift then please send your questions in!

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