Gifts for Cool Geeks

Geeks are the new quarterbacks and so now when we buy them presents we want to impress them with our geeky prowess.

But if when you are not a geek yourself it can be hard to know what to get them (for instance a book of sudoku puzzles probably won’t impress the modern geek)!

So if you want to impress that geek friend of yours or maybe just want some cool new geek presents for yourself then here are some geek chic ideas for you…

Every geek likes to look cool so a great geek gift idea believe it or not is clothes, especially tshirts.

If the tshirt has writing on it then it better be clever and witty otherwise you will want a shirt that is uber cool with colours that will impress his or hers most geekiest of friends.

Another gift than any geek is sure to love is of course gadgets, just make sure that it is new!

An old iPod mini isn’t exactly going to be useful to someone who already has an iPhone, iPad and the latest iMac now is it?

So when thinking of cool gifts look for the latest camera, video game consoles or a USB that will hold a serious amount of data.

Then of course there are the gifts that will keep that geek being well, geeky. That is DVDs, book and games and anything else to keep their mind active.

Trying to decide which to give isn’t rocket science though, your geek will probably love to watch any of the latest DVDs that are out just ask the shop assistant and they will not just what to choose for you otherwise if you’re buying online pick a best seller and you won’t go wrong.

Of course this is just the start of what you can buy for you loving geek but if you want an more personal advice then leave a comment or chat to TellMeAGift Chat!

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