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So I’ve already written a post on Pagan Wedding Gifts but have had many questions sent in asking about Pagan gifts for other occasions. Being a Pagan like with any other religion there will be plenty of things that can be given as gifts. There are some gift ideas you may want to avoid however such as items that may not be seen as being made or produced ethically. Also gadget gifts may not be as popular as gifts that are more natural or earthy.  But to help you make up your mind here are the best and most popular gift ideas that a Pagan (or just about anybody) would love to receive.

1. Candles

A lot of Pagan rituals require candles so this would make a great gift idea. Colored ones are best but any type that you think looks decorative would also make a wonderful gift.

2. Books

Books make a great gift no matter who the person is. There are some great books around for either someone new to Paganism or somebody wise in their ways. Some popular titles are – Pagan Everyday: Finding the Extraordinary in our Ordinary Lives; The Pagan Book of Living and Dying; Cyberhenge: Modern Pagans on the Internet and Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion.

3. Herbs

Herbs are generally very popular amongst Pagans as they can be used for their magical qualities or simply for their aromatic delights. Consider getting some herb pots or a decorative herb wreath like the one pictured below.

4. Statues or Art

Pagans often keep statues and monuments in their house so they can be honoured. Or they may just appreciate the beauty of a fine piece of art. Some popular statues choices are those of Greek or Egyptian Mythology such as Isis or Aphrodite.

5. Jewelry

Who doesn’t love jewelry? For Pagan’s jewelry can carry significant spiritual meanings and thus can be very important to them. Prayer beads are very popular among Pagans as well as Celtic symbols and charms and pendants.

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