Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we thought we’d give some last minute gift ideas for those of you who have yet to hit the shops.


The easiest gift idea is a voucher at your Dad’s favourite store. If you don’t know what that store is then I suggest getting a voucher from a place like Bunnings (aka men’s heaven) or Myer or David Jones.

If you want to give a bit more of a thoughtful gift but are strapped for money then how about offering up some labour. Maybe your Dad needs some work done around the house, like cleaning gutters or doing some gardening. You could also offer to help him out with his car for a day.

If money is no objective then how about a day out golfing at your local golf course. Another idea you could organise is a day out with you and your Dad driving around in his favourite sports car for a day. Check out redballoondays for some great gifts.

Some other options you could go for are some new shirts (something classic like Polo Ralph Lauren); a new shaving set or electric shaver; some DVDs; or anything related to his favourite hobby. Your Dad might also like a new gadget, how about something new for his home theatre system. He might need some new speakers or a Tivo or if you’re feeling generous maybe a whole new TV.  Another idea which never fails is joining him up to a monthly beer club or even just bringing along his favourite bottle of whiskey with you.

Hope this helps, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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  • moob
    September 3rd, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    I’m geting my dad a bunnings voucher (Y)

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