Gifts for Lady Gaga Fans

Now I’m sure you all know a Lady Gaga fan or maybe you are one yourself. If so then then there are a whole heap of cool gift ideas that any fan will surely love, ranging from her outrageous fashion sense to her groovy tunes. Also keep a lookout for her new Heartbeats Fashion Earphones which will be sure to hit stores soon. Until then below are some awesome gift ideas that not only a Lady Gaga fan would love but any other fashion forward gal too.


1. Lady Gaga Inspired Sunglasses

The Lady is often spotted wearing a hot pair of sunnies and now your lucky gift recipient can look just as awesome with this pair of Lady Gaga inspired vintage sunglasses.

2.  Gloves

Lady Gaga may not wear much but she is often seen wearing a pair of gloves. So for an admirer to truly emulate her style a hot pair of gloves is a must. The ones pictured here are not only fashion forward but made from Italian leather to keep your hands nice and warm as well (not that practicality is a concern for most fashionistas).

3. Lady Gaga Inspired Fashion

Unless you’ve bee living under a rock recently you’ve probably noticed that Lady Gaga’s outrageous fashion styles have been leading the fashion trends lately. While she has an array of looks she generally has some common themes, which are leotards, one shoulder tops, latex, leather, high shoulders and anything tight. There are many looks to choose from but our favourite one to gift is this black one-shoulder dress by Alexander Wang.

4. Anything with bows

Lady Gaga has made bows cool again and chances are any fan of her will also be a fan of a cute bow. Get them to add a bit extra to an outfit or to be worn in the hair.

5. The Fame

And last but not least a great gift for any Lady Gaga fan is her catchy tunes.

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