Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Husband

Ah the hardest gift of the year… trying to find that perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend or husband. It’s not that hard really though. Men are generally pretty obvious creatures and they all like similar things some of which are fancy toys, a good drink, ladies and adventure or just something they can show off to their friends. So if you can get something that combines all of these then you are onto a winner. If you need a little help here are some of the top gift ideas that he’ll want stuffed in his Christmas stocking this year.

A Telescope for the Star Gazer – For all those men out there curious about the universe (and maybe just a little bit geeky) this is a great gift. If you’re getting a telescope you want to make sure it is good quality and you’re getting the best images available. This Zhumell DOB-8 8-inch Dobsonian Refelctor Telescope is one of the best there is and with a large aperture 8 Newtonian reflector optical design he’ll be able to gaze deep into space for superb images. Plus it looks damn sexy too.

A Surfboard for the Street – It’s not just kids who can have fun on skateboards. This WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board is for everyone no matter how old (or clumsy) they many be. This board has good grip and is smoother and more comfortable to use then other boards, it’s also a whole heap more fun. Get this gift for him and you can guarantee he’ll be having a ball come Christmas Day.

A Beer Keg – There’s nothing quite like having a beer poured from your very own tap. This BeerTender from Heinekin and Krups is like having a bar in your own home. No matter the man it is guaranteed he will want one of these to impress all of his friends with. A must have Christmas item for men.

Some Classic Polos – If your after a gift that anyone could enjoy then go for the classics. The Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts are the ultimate shirt for any man no matter their style. These shirts look great on every man and will become his new wardrobe staple.

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