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With many people these days shunning the norm and opting for less traditional ceremonies, many people are having what is called a “pagan ceremony”. Traditionally in the old Pagan times in Britain, a pagan ceremony involved a hand-fasting which committed the couple together for a year and a day, after which time they were free to separate if they wished (which considering 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce probably wasn’t such a bad idea). Now however a pagan ceremony covers all types of rituals and it really depends on the individual couple as to what it will be like. It could be a hand-fasting to last a year and a day or a different kind of civil union that will last for a lifetime or an eternity, and the ceremony is likely to be as unique as the couple. So what on earth do you get for a pagan wedding gift when you’re not familiar with the traditions??

The answer to this is easy, get whatever you would get for any other wedding you would go to, unless of course you’ve been told to not give gifts or there is a registry available. Just because a couple has a wedding in a different format to the original doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the same presents as everybody else. A lot of people think though that candles or candle holders are a good gift for a pagan wedding. While I don’t disagree everybody will no doubt be getting candles for the newlyweds so you might want to get something a little more unique.

The couple may be a little more spiritual than other couples, so maybe some artwork would be appreciated. What about some wall art or a beautiful sculpture that would mean something to the couple.

If the couple are having a pagan wedding they may also be more into Celtic themed items. So what about some Celtic glassware or Celtic kitchenware.

Some other beautiful pagan wedding gifts are pictured below, just click on them for more info:

Couldn’t forget the toaster there ;) If you are still unsure about what to get and none of the above options seems to suit the couple then I would just opt for a wedding hamper gift, because every couple needs to eat right?

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  • Pagan Daughter
    August 24th, 2009 at 11:39 am

    My mother had a pagan wedding recently and a lot of people got her candles and candle holders and things along that theme lol and she said that she wished that she registered for normal gifts that she could use

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