Little Girls Gift Ideas

The first thing to remember when buying a gift for a little girl is that all of them like to be treated like a princess. This means that what they want is anything pretty, anything pink and they will love anything that they can dress up in or play pretend.

So what is the first item that little girls want? It is of course a Barbie doll. Barbie has cool clothes, she is multi talented I mean who isn’t a fan of Barbie. There are heaps of Barbies around to suit your taste or budget and even lots of accessories too if you can’t decide which doll to choose. Bratz are popular dolls too now but I think Barbie sends a bit more of a wholesome message to young girls.

There are many other great dolls and toys as well. Cabbage Patch Dolls are still popular as are Polly Pockets or anything Disney related.

Little girls also love to play dress ups. Whether its a princess costume or some new jewelry little girls will be sure to get excited. You can get some cute little jewelry sets for young girls and anything that sparkles is a bonus. You can get her rings, bangles, necklaces or earrings. Jewelry boxes will also be treasured as will a vanity set with a mirror and hair brush or a children’s make-up kit so that she can pretend to be a grown up for a day.

Little girls are often also into arts and crafts. So getting an easel and some paints might be a nice idea or even getting a bead set so she can make her own jewelry creations. Playdough sets are also heaps of fun for little girls as are any craft kits or coloring-in books.

Getting a little girl some music to sing along to or her favourite TV show is another option. Dora the Explorer is a favourite show among young girls at the moment, as is Hannah Montana or High School Musical.

Any of the above gifts are sure to be a hit. Little girls are generally pretty easily pleased and if you are a female yourself and think that it looks like a cool gift that you would’ve liked to have played with, then she will likely think the same. If you want to look at some more gift ideas then click this link to shop around at the Amazon Store.

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