Ideas for 30th Birthday Gift

A person’s 30th Birthday can be a very significant milestone in their life and they will normally face this new decade in one of two ways – either they will embrace this time as a chance to fully take on the role of being a mature adult; or they may be fearful of leaving their 20′s and try to show people that they are still as youthful as ever. Whichever way one reacts to this time however, the best gift to give for a 30th birthday is one that makes them feel good about themselves. For women great gifts are those that will make her feel as beautiful as she ever was such as clothes and jewelry or body pampering products. For men they are probably a little bit less worried about appearances and more concerned with staying fit at this age so an adrenalin fuelled experience gift would be great or possibly something hobby related.

A popular gift idea for a 30th Birthday is also to get something from the year that they were born in. For example a compilation of music that came out that year or some DVD movies or TV shows from that year.

A 30th Birthday is also a time when you can really splash out and spoil somebody close to you. If the 30th birthday gift is for your partner then get them that designer bag or expensive gadget they’ve been lusting after. After all they won’t have another big birthday event for another decade. Also take them out to a nice meal or throw a big birthday bash and really make an event of this birthday milestone.

If you are after some gifts right now, below are some gifts chosen by TellMeAGift that you can buy immediately from simply by clicking on the links.

30th Birthday Gifts for Her:

White Gold Diamond Journey Circle Pendant - not only is this necklace gorgeous but it represents the journey that has been taken already, and the journey yet to begin.

B. Makowsky Croco Draw Shopper - by the age of 30 all girls want that elusive designer handbag and this is one of the best.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Designer Fragrance Gift Set – when a women reaches 30 she wants to feel pretty and pampered and this gift will make her feel both.

30th Birthday Gifts for Him:

Globe Wine Bar – if by the age of 30 a man doesnt’ already have his own bar he will want one. This one is great as a gift as it will fit into any household decor.

Bic Sport Surfboards – When men hit 30 years they may feel like they need to start experiencing more of life and trying new things. So what is cooler to start then surfing, and the best bit is even if he doesn’t take this board out in the surf it will still look great hung on the wall.

BOSE (R) 5.1 Lifestyle 48 Series III DVD Home Entertainment System – all men are on the search for the perfect home theatre system and this is it. No brand has better sound quality than BOSE. By his 30th birthday he deserves something as good as this.

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