Graduation Gift Boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s graduation is an important event so you probably want to do something special to commemorate the occasion. What you get him though will depend on how grand a gesture you want to make or on the type of career that you boyfriend is about to enter into.

If you want to get a graduation gift that will really spoil your boyfriend my first suggestion would be a brand new iPod Touch or a blackberry to start his new business life with. Another great gift to spoil your boyfriend would be a new digital camera so that he can take photos on his special day that he can keep for a lifetime. A designer watch is another great gift as it can show his new status in life.

If however these gifts are not in your budget (you may still be a uni/high school student yourself) then don’t despair because there are many cheaper graduation gifts out there too. What about a personalized photo frame so that he can proudly remember his special day. Another idea is getting a teddy bear or autograph book so that your boyfriend can get all of his college friends’ signatures.

A couple of other cool ideas are a leather portfolio to keep his important documents in; a new pen with his name engraved on it; a graduation keepsake box or a graduation gift hamper full of luscious treats. You may also want to get a personalized gift depending on the industry your boyfriend is about to get into. For example for an IT graduate get a USB flash drive or something technology related; get a business graduate something for their new office surroundings or get a medicine student a new pen to start writing out scripts. And most importantly of all don’t forget that the best graduation gift that you can get for your boyfriend is to celebrate with him and make him feel proud for all that he has accomplished.

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  • Debra Vanauken
    November 6th, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I understand that this subject is pricey to many and most folks have a amount of enthusiasm around it however ultimately we tend to want to bring this into perspective and start to understand what is extremely vital in our lives.

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