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If your friends have just moved into a brand new house it is generally a nice idea (and good etiquette) to bring along a housewarming gift. Now for some reason a lot of people think that good housewarming gifts are welcome mats or incense burners, and while some people may be fans of these most will not.

So what makes a great housewarming gift. Well obviously you want to get something nice that can be used for the house. There are so many different gifts ideas for a housewarming gift. You can get something for the inside or something for the garden, or you can get something for the kitchen or something to decorate the living areas. The type of gift you choose though will obviously depend on who is having the housewarming. If it is for a couple you would want to gift something that can be used by both of them. If the housewarming is for an apartment, you don’t want to get anything for the garden. Also if the housewarming is for someone moving into a small place or somewhere with others make sure the present you get them isn’t too big or doesn’t take up too much space and if the person’s new place is a rental you don’t want to gift anything that will put holes in the wall such as hanging frames.

So here are some top picks for what to get for a housewarming gift:

As you can see there is a lot of things you can get for a housewarming gift. Pretty much anything that you can get for the home or garden would be a good gift as long as it looks pretty and ‘gifty’. Personally I think the best and easiest choices are gifts baskets or a bottle of wine and some nice glassware to match as it covers all types of housewarmings. Whatever you get though it will be most appreciated and should just be a little gesture to help the person/s settle into their new home.

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