Father Gift Ideas

Trying to pick out a present for your dad can be really hard work. Fathers are fussy creatures and like most men already have all the things they want plus some. But there is always something that someone wants for. To help think of a gift idea for your father think about what it is that your dad likes to do. Is he a fix it man? Does he always have a little project going around the house? If the answer is yes then how about getting your dad a handy new set of tools to make those house jobs a bit easier. Maybe also some new gardening gear would be for him.

If your dad isn’t so much the home handy man than he will probably like the latest handy gadget to get the job done for him. What about getting him a GPS system for his car, a solar powered charger for his gadgets or a new smartphone to keep his life organised. Your dad then might also be into the latest adult toys and appreciate a new MP3 player, video game console or video camera.

Your dad might also be into his food and drinks in which case how about getting him a beer tap or a subscription to a beer or wine club which will send him his favourite drop for a year. He might also be into entertaining so how about getting him some tools to use his barbecueing skills with.

Another great gift idea for fathers is most things sports related. Is your dad a football man? How about getting him season tickets at your nearest sports stadium? Or if your dad is into golf he might like some new golf gloves.


If your on a budget why not just get your dad a new book or DVD? Just get him a book or a DVD that relates to his interest (for example if he likes cars then get him the Top Gear DVD). Or if you can’t decide get him one of the latest dramas that is out, maybe he would like Mad Men or Sopranos. But most of all remember to tell him that he’s the World’s Greatest Dad.

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