Cheap Wedding Gift

Weddings can be expensive events for everybody involved, including the guests. So while you may want to show the newlyweds how happy you are for them, you want to do so without going bankrupt in the process. Luckily many couples these days register for gifts. Have a look at what has been registered and hopefully they have listed some inexpensive items that you can afford. If on the other hand there is no register there is still some wonderful wedding gifts that you can get for the bride and groom that can be cheap.

My first bit of advice to you is to get creative. Are you good at sewing, painting or cooking? If you can sew than you could make some pillow cases with their names on it or a quilt, whatever you are good at making I’m sure would make a beautiful gift. Likewise if you are good at painting you could paint the couple a portrait or a fine piece of artwork for their home,  use your imagination this kind of gift would probably mean more to the couple then something you just bought from a store anyway.

If cooking is your talent then you could make some tasty jams/sauces/dips/chocolates and find some pretty containers to put them in and just present them in a nice basket with ribbon, it will look like it cost $50+ but you could get away with spending around $20. You could also add in some little extras like cutlery, little bowls, whatever you can find.


Don’t despair if you can’t make anything as there is still cheap things you can buy. You could find a nice photo frame and put a picture of the happy couple in there. Alternatively you could put a romantic poem inside the photo frame if you don’t have any photos of the couple.

Another cheap wedding gift idea is a bottle of wine or scotch that will age well and include this with a note saying that they should share this on their 10th or 20th wedding anniversary. You could also find some inexpensive champagne flutes or any other type of glass or tableware. A vase is another good gift idea for a wedding that doesn’t need to cost too much.

Another idea is to get a book about love or filled with romantic poems. Any type of keepsake gift is good, and maybe scribble your own little note in there.

To try and save some money why don’t you also have a look around markets and second-hand stores. Sometimes you can find some real bargains at these places and yet they will look like they are worth a lot more. Also you may even have some glasses or an old vase around your place that you no longer use but is still in great condition to give as a gift.

Whatever you do get it is the thought that counts and the couple will just be grateful to have you there to celebrate their special day with them. The gift that you do give should show that you are happy for them, and when it comes to wedding gifts its not about how much you spend it’s about the thought and the sentiment you put into it.

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