Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Your bridesmaids have no doubt become a very important part of your life as of late and have been there when you need them to help you prepare for your special day. Therefore you should show your appreciation by getting them something special.

How much should you spend?

This really depends on what you can afford to spend but also how much time and money your bridesmaids have had to spend to be a part of your wedding party. If your bridesmaids have had to fork out a lot for dresses, travel etc. then spending under $20 might be considered rude. Also make sure that you spend the same amount on each bridesmaid and maybe a little more for the maid of honor.

When to give them?

Normally it is tradition to give the bridesmaids their thank you gifts on the night of the rehearsal dinner. But I think any gathering close to the wedding will be fine, you may even want to hold a special thank you dinner. Just make sure you shop for the present early on because with the stress of the wedding you don’t want to be worried about buying bridesmaids gifts at the last minute.

So what to get?

One option is to get accessories that can be used for the wedding. Just make sure you get something that can also be used after the wedding also. You might consider:

Pampering gifts are another option and these are easy to choose and loved by all (in case you aren’t sure of your bridesmaids taste in accessories). These are some great pampering gifts:

You might also like to get them something a bit more sentimental. You could get a photo frame with a photo of all of the girls or you could make something especially for them such as handmade jewelry or maybe a scrapbook. Also if your bridesmaids are travelling far away fro your wedding perhaps consider getting them something that will help them enjoy their trip more. For example if you are having your wedding somewhere tropical then they might like some new swimwear or a beach towel, or if you are going somewhere cold they might like some gloves or a scarf.

Overall make sure you get them something that they would like and try not to get them something that they will never use. It’s perfectly fine to get your bridesmaids different gifts as well as long as they all share a similar theme.

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