Best Gift for Sister

So what is the best gift to get for a sister?  Whether you are after a Christmas gift for your sister or a birthday gift for your sister there are plenty of gift ideas out there. My sister is pretty easy to buy for, she tends to just like everything I do, but some sisters are very different from each other. But hopefully being your sister you know a little bit about her, is she a girly girl or more of a tomboy? Also how old is she and what is she into?

If your sister is a girly girl (like my own sister), then she will no doubt love getting jewelry (check out for some great stuff). If you’ve already gotten her jewelry numerous times then maybe she would like a nice perfume and/or some new makeup (note: girls will never have enough eyeshadow or lipstick colors but girls are pretty loyal to the brand they use so try and check this out first if you can). Clothes and sleepwear also make beautiful gifts for sisters, I personally love getting gifts from Peter Alexander. If she is a bit older and has her own place she might like something pretty for the home such as a cute teapot or a coffee set or some kind of ornament that will match her home.

For a tomboy or a sister not so into jewelry or home goods, some gift ideas for your sister would be a new pair of sunnies or maybe some groovy sneakers. If she is into adventure she might also like some camping equipment or maybe some fitness equipment such as an exercise ball or some dumbells. Think about what your sister enjoys doing and this will help you think of something perfect to get her.

If you’re feeling particularly generous why don’t you get her something that you can share together such as a nice dinner out or maybe a pampering package for two. Or maybe if you haven’t been spending enough time together you could get your sister a weekend away together doing something that you both enjoy. Also if you are a girl yourself chances are she will like the same things as you, so pick out something that you like (and then you can borrow it later ;)) Hope this helps, happy shopping.


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  • Lisa Heo
    October 13th, 2009 at 2:04 am


    ummm my sister’s turiniing 20 this December

    and idon’tkno what to get her… well i usually get her like clother sor her bithday

    bu..this time, i want something special to surpriise her!!

    what should i do???

    P.S:she’s like my beast friend

  • TellMeAGift
    October 13th, 2009 at 8:29 am

    What if you got her concert tickets if you know an artist that she likes is going to be in your town. Otherwise depending on how much you have to spend you could take her out on a special day where she gets a spa treatment, lunch and then maybe she can pick out something that she likes for herself.

    HTH :)

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