Best Gift For Brother

With my brother’s birthday less than a week away it’s time I get thinking about what to get him for a gift. My brother is always very opinionated on what he likes and doesn’t like and if you get him the wrong thing he will definitely let you know. So normally I like to play it safe and get him new shows on DVD (this year I’m thinking Breaking Bad or Weeds). Another present idea is books and normally I would get boys books in the genre of crime or maybe sci-fi. If you brother is a young adult chances are he’ll also be an anime fan, so maybe a new comic or anime DVD is an option for you.

Other great gifts to give brothers are toys and gadgets. If your brother is younger get him a Guitar Hero or if he’s older maybe get him a GPS or something for his car. If he has a house he might also like some new power tools.

If you are really stumped and have no idea what your brother likes and what if he may indeed have come from another planet then maybe you should get him a gift certificate. I assure you this will not offend him and he would probably prefer to go and get himself something he really likes and needs (rather than recieving more aftershave). Get him a gift certificate for the movies, your local book/video store or from a clothes store that looks like it has stuff similiar to what your brother would wear. If you don’t want to give him a gift certificate another gift idea that can be used for a brother (as long as he’s old enough) is to get him his favorite alcohol. Or if you still live together just promise to not annoy him for a week, what could be a better gift then that?gift-brother

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