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While it is still early in the year many companies and businesses should start thinking about what they are going to get their staff this year for Christmas. Here I have some staff gift ideas which can be given over the holidays or to celebrate any other business occasion.

One of the most popular corporate gifts at the moment is a corporate gift basket. These are easy to find online by simply typing “corporate gift baskets” into your search engine and scrolling through the numerous sites. I personally like available for Australians or for gift baskets in the US.  Gift baskets are great as they come in a range of prices and are well received. Generally they contain gourmet food items, sauces, drinks and they can be custom made depending on your preferences. Many places should also be able to include the company’s logo as part of the gift.

Another option is of course alcohol. Giving a bottle of wine is a popular staff gift, and generally the higher position deserves the better drop ;) Buying flowers is another option if it is simply a thank-you type gift for your staff or a present for the employee of the month or a retirement gift.

If the staff gift is for a group of people then another idea is getting them an “adventure gift” such as a day of playing skirmish together or a team day of bowling perhaps.


If none of these options take your fancy there are many other options such as:

The possibilities are endless, just pick something that is appropriate for your individual working environment.

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