Setting up a gift closet

gift closet

A lot of the time you might find that you need to find a gift at the last minute because you’re unexpectantly seeing someone for their birthday or have an unannounced celebration of some sort. My friend has a brilliant solution for this – a gift closet. She literally keeps a closet full of potential gifts so when she’s about to head out for a special occasion she just picks something out and away she goes. While this is extreme organization it is also brilliant and not hard to set up.  Firstly you’ll want the obvious in here, wrapping paper, gift cards etc. Then you’ll want to also have some generic type gifts that work well for all occasions. My friend keeps body shop gift packs and bottles of alcohol which are always great presents. I think as well a gift closet is a great way to actually save money because you can buy items when you see them on sale and save them for later in the year when they may be more useful. Having a gift closet also helps for those times when you say “oh that would make a great gift, I’ll have to remember that”, but for some reason you never do. If you buy items you think will be useful later you will save a lot of time, frustration and money.

A gift closet is also a great place to put any unwanted gifts you may have received or any items that you no longer find useful but someone else might (e.g. baby/kids clothes they’ve grown out of or maybe old dining sets). Just be careful you don’t give a gift back to the same person you got it from.

I think you’ll find that once you start up a gift closet (or even a gift draw if you want to start small) that it will build up pretty quickly. Here are some other items you may want to add to it:

So go get started on your gift  closet to make present shopping all that much easier.

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