Mother-In-Law Gift Ideas

A couple of posts ago I said that buying for my boyfriend was the hardest gift of the year.  I was wrong – buying gifts for his family is much harder. First of all I’m always put in charge of the gifts for his family and without knowing them that well it makes this a tricky one.  So what to get for his mother when I really don’t have much clue as to what she is interested in? Well after having a Google it seems that the most common theme for a mother in law present is pampering gifts.  While this would be nice it seems a bit generic. I think mother-in-laws would prefer something that is from the heart. I think anything to do with photos is a good idea. All mothers like to show off their family I think,  so giving them a beautiful photo frame with a picture of your family would be a nice gesture. There are lots of other things as well that you can get photos on, such as canvases, pillows, bags etc if that appeals to you. One year my own mother received a digital slide-show photo frame with various family photos on it and I know she absolutely loved it.Philips Digital Frame

Another idea I like is taking them somewhere nice for the day or getting them tickets to the theater. There is also the  option of getting them anything that can be used in the house, but make sure its something unique (note: not from Ikea).  Most mothers will already have the basic stuff needed in the house but will probably appreciate something that adds beauty or is a collectible.  Any type of antique would go down a treat. I think personally I’m gonna go for  this last option, let’s hope she likes it.

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