How much to spend on wedding gift?

Weddings can be expensive and not just for the bride and groom, people often have a hard time deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift. The amount you should be expected to spend on a wedding gift depends on a lot of factors. First thing to ask yourself when getting a wedding gift isĀ  “what is the relationship I have with the couple getting married?“. Do you know them well, are they your best friend? I think the better you know the couple and the closer relationship you have with them the more you should be reasonably expected to spend. For instance if you are going to a coworkers wedding $50-$100 is an appropriate amount whereas for a relative or close friend you may want to spend more in the $100-$150 range.

Another question to ask yourself is “what can I realistically afford?“. If you are a highflyer that spends hundreds of dollars just on your socks then the married couple may find you to be a bit stingy if you give them a $20 gift. If however you are a struggling uni student don’t worry because you will not be expected to spend much, if $20 is all you can afford then that’s ok.

Other things to consider when debating how much you want to spend is how much you are spending to get to the wedding in the first place. You will be expected to pay less if you have to fork out to travel long distances or if you have to pay for accommadation. You will however be expected to pay more if you bring a guest as it is expected that you will both chip in for the gift. Also you may have already given gifts for the bridal shower or at an engagement party. If this is the case then you will not be expected to spend much more for a wedding gift. Though if you are giving a gift for a bridal shower or engagement I would keep this a small gift to start with. If it helps you as well a lot of people go by the rule of covering what they think the couple spent on their meal at the wedding, so as to help cover their costs, which is usually $50-$75pp. I think this is a bit arbitary though and don’t personally like this way of thinking, but it may help some.


Overall the main thing I would consider is what you will feel comfortable giving to the wedding couple. When I was younger and just out of school I went to a wedding of a good friend but all I could afford was a $40 gift so that’s what I gave. The couple later told me that others had spent more but that just made them feel guilty because they knew that they couldn’t really afford it. Now however I tend to spend more like $100, but I have a partner now too so that I can split the cost. Really though I think the couple are really just happy to have you there to share their day with them, and anything that you give will be appreciated as long as it shows them that you care.

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