Gift Hamper Ideas

When you want to congratulate somebody for a special occasion a good idea is to get them a gift hamper. There are a number of gift hampers available online or from gift shops and it is important that you choose the right type depending on the occasion or event or with these ideas you can simply put one together yourself.

Weddings Hampers: For a wedding gift hamper you want it to be romantic. A bottle of champagne inside is a good place to start as the couple can open it to celebrate their new life together. You can also include a couple of champagne flutes. Then you can think of a specific food theme for example breakfast, dessert or Italian just to name a few. If you were choosing the breakfast theme you could include some gourmet teas and coffees, syrups, jams, muesli and maybe a nice serving plate or some nice napkins. Also if you have their wedding invitation or are sending this after the wedding you can decorate the basket with the wedding colors (because you know they like them right?)

Corporate Hampers: For a corporate hamper keep it simple and clean and try and include the company logo on the hamper somewhere. Generally you’ll probably include items like a bottle of wine/liqueur, stationary, a calendar and some gourmet nibbles.

Baby Gift Hampers: I find these the cutest of the hamper types. Make sure you make these colorful and fun. Normally they come with nappies, baby lotions (and maybe some for mummy too), baby food, jumpsuits, little baby socks and maybe a rattle or some type of plush toy as well. These are really fun to make and baby stuff is pretty cheap too. So these would be a great gift for a baby shower or new born.

gift hamper

All the rest: Most gift hampers are pretty similar and can be used for other occasions ranging from a birthday to a job promotion to a new house. Whilst the above are more specific the main formula stays¬† the same really.¬† You want a nice drop of something either a wine or a liqueur (or beer if its a male gift). Also you want some gourmet nibbles such as some nice chocolates or dips and breads or cheeses and syrups (preferably something that will preserve for awhile) and you maybe you want some kind of dinnerware (for housewarming gift) or some pampering products (for a female) or maybe a cuddly teddy bear if its a get well gift. That’s it really then put all your goodies in a nice basket, fill it and wrap it with some cellophane or paper or whatever other pretty things you find. Finish with some ribbon and voila you’ve got yourself a gift hamper.

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