Boyfriend Birthday Present Ideas

Buying a present for my boyfriend would have to be one of the hardest gifts for the year. For some reason boys seem to already have bought everything they want except for that new Ferrari or 900inch plasma, but unfortunately these are not in my budget. There are the generic options though such as clothes, cologne, shaving accessories etc and these can be good for some guys but be careful because your boyfriend will probably have very specific tastes here or not even know what cologne is, so these gifts aren’t good for everyone.

I think the best bet when it comes to finding your boyfriend something special is to get him something that relates to his hobbies or interests. For example if your boyfriend is into technology, maybe get him the latest must have gadget or gaming console. If your boyfriend is a sports nut he might want some new sporting gear or tickets to his favourite game. I know that personally my boyfriend has been into cooking lately (thank you Masterchef) so I might get him some chef’s knives or take him to some cooking classes.

I think the main thing is to not over think it, if you know your boyfriend it should be pretty obvious what to get him, in fact there is no harm in just straight out asking him what he wants. Also try not to get him something because you like it, I’m pretty sure he does not want a copy of the Notebook on DVD or a romantic candlelit dinner.  If the perfect gift hasn’t come to you yet just pretend like your a Stepford Wife for a day and treat him like a king for the day, I’m pretty sure he’d be very happy with that :)

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