Buying presents is no crisis

So even though we are all out of money at the moment (well if you listen to the media anyway) we still have to get our loved and or maybe even hated ones a gift for their special occasions. So then for my first post I will let you know what to buy without breaking the bank and without looking like you picked up some cheap soaps from a $2 store.

Firstly the gift for almost all occasions – alcohol.  Everybody likes alcohol and almost everyone will use it (just don’t get it for kiddies or alcoholics okay). Alcohol is also great because whatever you’re budget you will be able to find something to buy, as a general rule get darker spirits for guys and lighter, fruitier alcohol for the girls. If you’re after a housewarming gift or a congratulations gift though just go for  a cheaper wine. This site will help you find the cheapest places to buy alcohol if you live in Australia –, and I’m sure other regions will have a similar site if you give it a Google.

If alcohol doesn’t suit the person than another great gift that is also cheap is books. Most people enjoy reading. The only problem with this one is you need a vague idea of what interests the person, otherwise just go for one of the bestsellers. If the person is however a bit of a mental derelict then switch this advice to that of a DVD or CD. Well actually CD’s are a bit old hat now so maybe make an MP3 list, as corny as that sounds, I know if I got one I would think it was great. Any type of media is always great and remember people can never have enough of these.

If you still don’t think that any of these gifts are what you are after then you are gonna have to get creative I’m afraid.   In general though just think of something that you yourself would like and could always do with more of, and keep the gift classic and simple. But remember that overall people are happy just in the fact that you thought about them so if you don’t have much money to spend remember that it is always the thought that counts ;)

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