40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Life begins at forty, or so the saying goes…

While most men cease to observe their birthdays long after they’ve turned thirty, hitting the big 4-0 is a marker of how far a man has come in his life. This deserves some commendation, a time for a man to sit back and reflect on the fact that while he’ may not be a young stud any more, he’s no old man either, but a mature adult in his prime. So what better way to celebrate than by giving him something special to commemorate this meaningful and poignant event? Here are some 40th birthday gift ideas for men:

Firefighter Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Mighty Friend

If you’re thinking of the best present to surprise your firefighter friend with, you need to begin looking for firefighter gift ideas.

Firefighters are the unsung heroes of today’s society, they risk their own lives in order to save our lives and the lives of those we care about.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or for the holidays to show your gratitude for the dedication that your firefighter friend puts into their work. Thank you cards are great but why not also try a token to express your gratefulness?

Great Gift Ideas for Runners

We all have friends and family members with a knack for running. The hobby has a loyal and passionate following composed of energetic and health-orientated people of all ages. Should you be shopping around for a runner’s birthday, at Christmas, or really for any other occasion, try buying them something that will make this pastime of theirs easier, more enjoyable, or in any way…better. Below we’ve listed some great gift ideas for runners, to assist you in shopping for that runner on your gift list!

A Running JacketSaucony Epic Run Jacket

Looking for Gift Advice? Just Ask!

If you can’t figure out a gift for a particular person then feel free to ask TellMeAGift for free gift advice!

Suggest topics, ideas or if you like let us know what gifts you think are great so we can share them with our other readers!

Happy Gifting :)

Most Popular Gift 2011 – Apple iPad 2

There’s no denying that the item on the top of everyone’s wishlist this year is the Apple iPad 2!

For those who aren’t too sure what all the fuss is about – what is so good about the iPad 2?

Well where do we begin? First up the iPad 2 has forward facing and rear cameras (perfect for facetime); it also has a better process than the original iPad and it’s smaller now too. It also has a groovy new magnetic cover.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Someone Special

Each year, birthdays come and go. This year make sure that you get a gift that will be remembered. Take a look at these unique birthday gift ideas.


A great, but inexpensive way to say Happy Birthday is to give the gift of a book that is birthday related. This is a great one for adults and kids alike:


For the person who enjoys sweets, then this is a great choice for a gift for them:


Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

It’s less than a month until Santa comes to deliver all his gifts, but if you haven’t done your shopping yet (like us) then don’t stress because there are still plenty of shopping days left, and worse case scenario you can go for a mad dash for presents on Xmas Eve (not that we would recommend that).

The first of our presents to buy this year is the work “Kris Kringle” gift, or “Secret Santa” depending on where you’re from.

Christmas is On Its Way!

Christmas is slowly creeping up behind us and that means it’s time to start thinking about gifts.

While the TellMeAGift folks love this time of year, we know that it can be extremely stressful for people who have no idea what to buy or where to go.

Online is always a good place to start, and even if you aren’t a fan of online shopping then you can at least find lots of great gift ideas here to hit the shops with.

TellMeAGift have lots of great gift ideas if you flick through our pages that we have even chosen for our own loved ones, so hopefully you like our suggestions.

The Gift of Good Friday

With today being Good Friday I would like to remind everyone to give the best gift of all and it has nothing to do with chocolate. Take the time today to just give the gift of good company and happiness and appreciate the friends and family around you – because that is the best gift of all!


Good Friday Gift

Yummy Easter Recipes

There’s only a couple of days left until Easter but don’t panic because with Easter there is no need for any big extravagant  gifts (although the kids never mind a stuffed Easter bunny), no the focus of Easter is quite simply chocolate!

But how about making your chocolate gifts a little bit special this year. Rather than going to the shops an buying a stack of Easter Eggs that all taste the same and won’t all get eaten how about making some special treats for yourself.

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